Openclipart PencilAn Eligible College Student recognizes the importance of Standardized Tests. These General Test Taking Tips remind you to pull your head out of your prep books and be prepared for test day.

  • After registering for the test (which includes downloading a photo of the tester with specific criteria for the photo), print out the form you need to bring with you and read the fine print on when you should arrive and what items you are required/allowed to bring into the test center. For example, photo ID is required, a cell phone is not allowed. Make sure your calculator has good batteries. Organize those items the night before.
  • If driving yourself to the test, make sure you know in advance where you are supposed to park and where you check in for the test. Allow plenty of time to accommodate unexpected delays and eliminate unnecessary stress.
  • A good night’s sleep the night before the test is crucial.
  • A healthy dinner the night before and breakfast the day of, as well as a small snack and water for during the break is a good idea.
  • Studies have also shown that chewing gum can enhance testing performance.
  • My daughter chose to run up/down the hall and up/down stairs during breaks, to help get the blood flowing.
  • You have taken enough standardized tests, you should have an idea of things¬†that work well to prepare you for a long, important test.
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