An Eligible College Student must make the most of their time During School Hours. This includes having a relationship with your High School Teachers, who may advocate for you, when necessary. You will ask two of your Junior or Senior year Teachers to write you a Letter of Recommendation.


I am going to take a wild guess here, with no official knowledge to back it up. A lot of students have at one time believed that a particular Teacher did not like them. If I asked most Teachers, I believe they would say that they are less fond of students who appear disrespectful and/or are not making an effort. If you believe your Teacher doesn’t like you and you don’t fit in either of those qualities, think about what made you APPEAR to have one of those qualities, possibly due to a Teacher’s misinterpretation. Time to try to repair the damage!

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Your actions are more closely observed by your Teachers than your words.

Remember that first impressions are powerful, and once they are made, you have to work very hard to overcome them.

If you have a good relationship with your Teachers, GREAT. If you don’t, try to figure out a way to get in that Teacher’s good graces. This does not mean bribing the Teacher! You want your Teacher to always give you the benefit of the doubt: “Johnny always turns in his homework on time, but I don’t see his Scarlet Letter essay. Maybe I misplaced it, or Johnny forgot to turn it in. Since he’s always so reliable, I won’t mark him down for this one assignment.” vs. “Yet another late assignment from Johnny. He’s only going to get partial credit for this essay, even though it is well written.” Smart students know that Teachers have discretion when they are grading students. Make sure they are more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt.


Whether it is granting you permission to leave class to be involved in another school activity, recommending you for an opportunity, or giving you the benefit of the doubt when they grade your work, Teachers can be a great advocate. That is why you must try to have a good relationship with ALL of your Teachers.


Most Colleges will require two Letters of Recommendation (LOR) from Teachers who have recently taught you in an Academic Core Subject (English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language).  The Teachers you choose will write one letter each that goes to all of the Colleges you apply to, often via The Common Application. See Teachers’ Letters of Recommendation for more advice.

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Your Teachers’ LOR may be critical to your College Application

The best way to understand how highly a College values LOR is to ask an Admission Officer. An easy way to get an idea of how highly a College values Letters of Recommendation is to go to Type in the name of a school, choose the Admission tab and scroll down to Selection of Students. Recommendations may be listed as Very ImportantImportantConsidered or Not Considered.

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