There are MANY great College Admissions websites, books and articles, but I have not found a single resource to simply break down how to be prepared to apply to College and how to efficiently organize both the Application Process and the Search through 4,000+ Colleges and universities in the US. Students and parents should not need to re-create the wheel. My goal is to help streamline the process, by suggesting ways to be an Eligible College Student, organizing your applications process and the exhaustive search for the right College. Some people consider this process to be exciting, some stressful, but most feel some of both!

While I like to present data concisely, I also try to offer practical but important advice, from dressing appropriately for Admissions Interviews to realizing that the best fit College might not be the most selective College that admitted you.


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I feel that I have visited A LOT of College campuses, but the reality is I have seen a small fraction of 1% of what the US has to offer. If you want specific help understanding the nuances of individual Colleges and identifying what you want from a College, you need a College Counselor. And when you are interviewing College Counselors, make sure they have visited more than 1% of the College campuses, otherwise they are telling you about what they have read or been told, not what they have seen and experienced. I can not overstate the value of having a knowledgeable College Counselor. And I have to admit it would have been more efficient to hire a counselor than taking on my oldest child’s College search.

I am not a College Counselor and have no formal training in this process. I am an organized parent who feels they have a very good understanding of how to prepare a High School student to apply to College, organize the application process and the search for the right Colleges.



  1. You want to make sure you are doing everything you can to be an Eligible College Student, hopefully long before you are College-aged.
  2. You want to learn more about and be prepared for the components of the College application and search.
  3. You are not ready to hire a counselor, but want to do some of the legwork yourself to be better prepared or to save money.
  4. You can’t release total control of your destiny to a relative stranger, so you want to be well-informed about the process.
  5. You just can’t afford to hire a Counselor.

If you want a simple to-do list to get you started, see The Application Process and Eligible College Student. Please understand that while there are many examples in this website that refer to elite Colleges, the intent of this website is to not give you advice on how to gain entrance to a prestigious College, but to help you be eligible for the best match Colleges.

Terminology side note – College and university are often used interchangeably in the US.

Is it a College or University?

Is it a College or University?

While both Colleges and Universities offer an undergraduate education, Universities also offer graduate and professional education. For the sake of simplicity, this website always uses the term College to refer to a post-High School 4-year educational institution.




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