Rather than hiring a College Counselor to assist my oldest child through the Admissions Process, I chose to compensate for limited counseling at my child’s High School by diving into the search with my child. I can not believe how much time I spent learning about how to learn about Colleges and Admissions. Do I consider myself an expert now? No! Do I find myself being called and stopped by other parents to ask me questions? All the time! I would start with one answer, which led to another, and then I found myself frustrated, worrying that there was so much more to share then a brief discussion while observing a High School sporting event or over the phone would allow. That is why I decided to make this website.

During my child’s search, I read several books and spent endless hours on the internet trying to make sure my child was prepared to apply for College, organizing the Application Process and the search for the right College. I realize most students and their parents don’t have the time or desire to spend as much time on their child’s search, but they need help understanding how to be prepared to apply to College, including timeframes, to do-lists and resources available in a simple, easily accessible format. I never found one place to help me organize my child’s search: I had to search for answers (and discover new questions) from many sources. THAT is the point of this College website.

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