An Eligible College Student, no matter how busy they are Outside of School Hours, must make the most of their time During School Hours. In addition to socializing and having fun, this time should be spent on academics and having (as well as taking advantage of) good relationships with Students, Teachers and Counselors. The way you spend time During School Hours demonstrates your passion and gives you the opportunity to do good things and be a great person.


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How Do Others Describe You?

I’ve been on a lot of College tours, and the phrase I hear at nearly every College is “We want to know what you are passionate about.” Admissions Officers can easily identify the student that added a bunch of classes and activities during the second semester of their Junior year, in order to build their resume.

But more important than your academic resume, is feeling fulfilled in life. Find something you enjoy or feel passionate about, do it well, and that will help you feel accomplished in life, not just in your College application. If you have been thoughtful in how you spend your time and why, you will be able to create a narrative that describes yourself and that process. In my mind, someone who is passionate is more interesting, and often more happy. The great thing about doing this while at school, is that regardless of how many commitments (babysitting, work) you have outside of school, there are ways to demonstrate your passion and excellent During School Hours.

Refer to Outside School Hours for how to demonstrate your passion through extracurricular activities. Establish a Relationship With Your TeachersEstablish a Relationship With Your Counselors and Resume provides further advice on what you should be doing During School Hours to be a better person and a more qualified College applicant.


We’ve all met people that we can’t help but describe as “great”. Usually, they are interesting and fun, but what makes them stand apart is that they are just a good person. They acknowledge other people’s successes and offer words of encouragement when someone is struggling. They try hard at everything, they lead by example. They do the right thing. They may not always be the most popular, but they are admirable and well liked. We all need to work harder at being a “great” person.

Eventually, a “great” person will likely have good things happen to them. If someone has an opportunity, aren’t they more likely to go to the “great” person with that opportunity? Won’t their Letter of Recommendation stand out, when the writer talks about not just their pursuit of success, but their strong character and admirable qualities?  Being a Upright Citizen will pay off in all of your life. 

purzen-Icon-with-question-markWhat do you do during school hours to make a fuller life and as a bonus, a better resume?


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